About Us

HITHOOD is a commercial classified market-place website. I can also be called a virtual marketplace website. It is developed to meet the unlimited human want. Everyone has something to buy or something to sell or even services to render. It might be inform of goods, services or knowledge. It is a commercial website where user post their goods, properties and services at our various classified categories online for end users or consumers to purchase. User can also post and advertise their various businesses. The website is mainly for consumer to consumer business transaction but it can also accommodate all other means of business transaction.

HITHOOD is available for cities within Nigerian and Ghana. In subsequent time, it will encompass more countries especially in Africa. Hithood work by displaying enlistments in various cities in both Nigeria and Ghana. So you have to choose your city before browsing for the any enlistment or select the city of your choice. The website automatically dictates  your named city through your browsing IP or Geoloation.

Services, consultancy and skills can also be advertise. User can hire or can get hired. We can also advertise for various business on our homepage

For any question or help on how to use HITHOOD click here to contact us