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In put the homepage url on any of your website browser either in your computer or mobile. When the site loads click on “Post your ad” button to display the the “submit classified” page.  Fill the form correctly as followed.

  • Select the classified category: check our category enlistment and select a category based on the goods and services you wish to advertise. If none of the list matched your product then you select the “Other” as category. This form is compulsory
  • Input the classified title: This is the title that is displayed in the website, so make it short and informative. This form is compulsory
  • Upload the image: Here you upload the image of your goods and services. You can upload upto five images. The other way round you can choose not to upload any image.
  • Select your Country.
  • Select your State
  • Select your City.
  • Input your address: This has more advantage if the client is displaying advert for Jobs and services or if the client has a physical store or marketplace. This option is not compulsory.
  • Enter the price: Enter the price if there is any or you leave it blank.
  • Price type: Choose if the product is free, negotiable, exchange or fixed price.
  • Classified Description: Briefly and freely describe your post here.
  • Enter your name.
  • Enter your valid Email address.
  • Enter your Phone number.

With these information, the buyer can easily contact you. Accept our terms and condition. click “Preview” button to view how your post will look like in our our website otherwise click the continue button to proceed. If the form is correctly filled as required, the classified submit successful message will display.

NB: The form details with red asterisk are the compulsory.


Input the Homepage url on any of your website browser either in your computer or mobile. Select your city or any city of your interest. If you are using mobile click on the location icon beside the search button at top left of the homepage and select your city or any City of your choice. You can search for your desired post or goods with th search button or select from the existing list of post. Click on the desired post to display details and sellers information. Choose your mode of contact to the seller. Remember to view our Classified Safety rules and regulation before transaction to avoid fraud.

Thank you.